Conversation with a 10-year-old

This evening, I got a frantic text from my youngest sister, Zoey. When I called, she told me that she just couldn’t figure out a question on her homework. Her teacher asked her “What is art?” as a part of a homework assignment about the book Chasing Vermeer.

We talked about how art isn’t necessarily pretty.  And it doesn’t necessarily hang on the wall.  So if what art looks like isn’t important, then perhaps what art does is important.  We discussed artists’ intentions and how even things around the house can be art.  One of the quotations from her book was about how art is a lie that tells the truth.  And I do believe that art can tell us the truth about the world.  So we decided together that maybe art is something that makes us think.

I was incredibly impressed with her ability to think critically and make judgments for herself.  It’s amazing to watch her grow up, and I can’t wait to bounce around the Durham Art Walk with her on Sunday.

What do you think art is?

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2 Responses to Conversation with a 10-year-old

  1. Roy Howard says:

    Art is an engagement with and refining of the expression of idea & emotion in whatever way that comes together and works itself out into the world….

  2. No one of consequence says:

    Art is the road feelings take from one heart to another.

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